30 gigga watts renewable capacity being added in india

ribbon cutting will be on the 15th this month. this new 30,000 mega wat, 30 gigga watt hybrid production facility will have dedicated over 23,000 hectares of wind park and 29,000 allocated for solar. Once opperational, it could be the largest renewables production park on earth.

this park is also among the first in a new era of build for the future, economies of scale designed capacity (or centrally planned overproduction, hopefully the former) Writing in the indian express Avinash Nair writes "The current peak power requirement of Gujarat is 18,000 MW. Out of the state’s installed power generation capacity of 30,500 MW, renewable energy forms 37 per cent or 11,264 MW. This includes 7,845 MW of wind, 3,273 MW of solar, 81.6 MW biomass, and 63.33 MW mini-hydro projects. There has been a 10-fold increase in renewable energy capacity from 1,170 MW in 2008 to 11,264 MW in 2020."

way to go india. you are rocking this.