On the nature of knowledge and action.

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lets start there. I want to plae particular focus on a line that stuck out to me "the dignity of the individual. What Mckenna calls "dignity" I call Liberty. Thats a fustrating topic in and of itself because Liberty in the modern context is a political propaganda buzz word. Regularly gutted of neucance, meaning and used by those who have no respect for its nature as a political cudgle against those with whom the disagree on some point of a very modern conversation. It was, and i argue it ought to be; a value. 

I really love that video and Mckenna's ideas. but like everyone, i don't want to accept the words of one thinker, hook line and sinker. Mckenna writes wonderfully about how institutuions want you as a cog in their machine, unthinking, unquestioning and obediant. What i tihink he dismisses unfairly is Science it self. Science is not a lose weave or imobile ridgit set of ideas. at its best it is almost the anthesis of this. Science is frustrating because it behaves a lot like a lazy god. One who is fickel and arbitrary. one who does not seem to have time for the right things but is powerful beyond measure. 

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that is the falcon heavy dual booster symoultanious landing in 2018. The god of science is keen to help solve problems when a billionair is interested in spending money on them. Like any god, science doesn't have time for you, but has all the power to change the world it and we need. 

Institutions are not monolitic. they are just bands of people. collectd like moths around a flame; institutions are just bodies of money with people playing the tune they think will help keep things the same and let them take a paycheque and go home. they don't actually want to oppress anyone, it just happens and they don't understand another way. but its this discrepancy that brings me to the title image and the quote by allan moor. 

its a comforting delusion to blame the institutions for bringig you down just as much as its a comforting delusion to the people who work inside that institution to beleive the institution is immortal. 

mackenna has one more gem i want to expound on. "We have bought into the idea that we must serve, behave, be enslaved, else chaos will engulf the world"
Chaos is engluflig the world. and the institutios we have had have been sitting around and watching it. not because they don't care. not because they are lazy or disinterested. But because they don't have the power we thought we gave to them. They can't stop the pandemecs or global warming. they areent being run by a banking conspiracy or the jews or the grey aliens. they are hardly being run by anyone, and the few people who do have power are so desperately focused on keeping that power that they can't even conceive of changing the system. 

so whats the answer then? how do we sove emissions, biodiversity, climate change, homelessness and incompetent misdirected insitutions? we ignore them. Solve these problems in your own hands. if there are hungry, feed them. if there are homeless, house them. if there are emissions, plug them. There is a new future coming. You and me are going to build it.