Everything We Sell is 100% Authentic.


See It Buy it Love it and its parent organization Loxberg Limited LLC Operate entirely and exclusively in the authentic genuine market. No product on our website is a replica or imitation or forgery. 

Our inventory may include 100% authentic outlet products. Which are produced by the named and labeled producer or their first party contracted producers. and adhere to all of that fashion houses compliance procedures and manufacturing standards.

Last season is a relative term and may cover any 100% authentic item produced by that labeled fashion house in the past and is sold in new condition. Many items may be more than one season old at the time of sale.

The Majority of our products are shipped directly from Italy. In some instances brands may produce their authentic products in china, Bangladesh or other countries. please investigate if the brand you have purchased is authentically produced in these countries before inquiring if this is evidence of fraud. 

We can not guarantee that our suppliers or their suppliers can not or will not ever be defrauded and unknowingly sell fraudulent items. This has never happened to our organization due to the exceedingly high standards we keep in how and who we purchase from, nevertheless: If we are ever defrauded and unintentionally sell a fraudulent item, we will seek to return our customers money and pursue damages on that criminal fraudulent activity.